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The most-visited and preferred job portal for safety jobs, EHS Job Portal came into existence with one sole purpose to help the job seekers from around the India end up getting the position they deserve.

EHS job portal is platform for safety officers as well as for the company who wants to hire safety officers. EHS Job portal is our new venture where we want to make awareness for company to take care the safety in their organization and safety officer will get jobs in return.


by helping them recruit an efficient candidates.


By helping them joined esteemed organization.

Why Choose EHS

Be it Environment, Health, Fire, Safety or any other field, a safety professional is required at almost every workplace. The problem arises in the recruitment process. Due to lack of proper portal dedicated to safety jobs and other professions overshadowing the safety field, a lot of job seekers are missing out excellent opportunities and companies eligible candidates. Whereas in EHS, nothing as such will happen as it a completely dedicated platform for safety officials.

  • EHS offers this service on a voluntary basis and levies no charges or hidden costs for job posting or job search.
  • EHS lists jobs directly from employer websites and even those ones that are not advertised much.
  • The CVs, career details and personal data of the job hunters are kept strictly confidential by us which is only forwarded or shared with prospective employers, or any elite agencies that too with their consent.
  • EHS provides detailed information about the job and the company, making it easier for the job seekers to apply where it suits best for them.